Natural Dye Workshop at the Guelph Outdoor School

Guelph Outdoor School, 733 Stone Road East, Guelph, ON

What hues and shades do the plants hold? Join textile artist and City of Guelph’s artist in residence Anita Cazzola as we learn natural dye techniques to harvest colour from the landscape.

In this workshop, participants will learn to forage, prepare dyebaths, and dye textiles with four locally abundant plants: buckthorn, willow, goldenrod, and walnut.

Anita Cazzola’s "Botanical Reclamation”, project celebrates the resilience of wild plants through naturally dyed textiles. Anita has been working with local wild plants in 'curious spaces' (abandoned quarries, landfills, roadsides, industrial sites) to create a body of textile artworks that amplify the voices of these beings. The works are presented as flags, and seen as proud emblems of reclamation of a space.

The suggested donation for this workshop is $30. Sliding scale pricing is available. Visit to review options and select a coupon code that meets your financial needs.

Sliding Scale