Sewing Stewardship - Group Exhibition with Jenna Kessler and Christina Kingsbury

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Eastview Pollinator Park

Sewing Stewardship - unravelling colonial histories and mending land with care and restoration is a 2-day outdoor art exhibition co-created by Lore Arts with Guelph artist Anita Cazzola, artist and educator Christina Kingsbury, and Nova Scotia based artist and ecological farmer Jenna Kessler, taking place at Eastview Community Park on August 21 - 22, 2021. These three artists will bring to the forefront the topic of soil remediation and the long-term ecological, social, and historical impacts of industrialization, while weaving together textiles, plants and text to engage the public in thinking about what it means to care for our soil and in turn for our environment and each other.

Through their land-based artworks, Kingsbury, Cazzola and Kessler are taking steps to loosen and unravel the paradoxical knots of stewardship through manual care; mending, sewing and weaving together new understandings and relationships of what it means to care for our environment and relationships within the treaty lands and territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit. Giving agency to plants and relational care, these three artists are sewing (and sowing) the seeds of repair through their works titled ReMediate, The Botanical Reclamation, and The Stewardship Quilt.