Natural Dye Workshop - Buckthorn


Join Anita Cazzola for a natural dye workshop focusing on the potential of European Buckthorn. This invasive plant can be found all over the city, and measures are being taken to control its spread. While Buckthorn can quickly take over wild areas and intrude on native plant species, it also provides some fascinating natural dye tones. We will investigate four parts of the Buckthorn plant to attempt to achieve four different colours from this one plant.

The afternooon will start at 1pm at the Yorklands Green Hub. We will gather here to reflect on the history and natural beauty of the Yorklands site, and harvest Buckthorn leaves, berries, and bark. Once we have collected our dyestuffs, the group will head to the Two Rivers Community Garden at Lyon's Park to dye some textiles with these plants (approx. 2pm). Participants will be provided with one pre-treated organic cotton bandana to dye and take home. Anita will also be dyeing sets of fabrics for future artworks (silk, wool, linen, hemp, and cotton fibers) so that participants can learn how each fiber type can affect dye results. We will step down to the river to gather water for the dyepots, and proceed to dyeing. The event is expected to run until 5:30pm.

Please bring a mask and a reusable water bottle. Consider bringing a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, gardening gloves, hand pruning shears, an apron, snacks, and a notebook & pencil.

This event has a limited capacity of 10 participants. Please note that there will be another dye workshop in September for anyone unable to attend this one.

COVID SAFETY NOTES: Participants are asked to wear masks when physical distancing is not possible (eg. when working close together at the dyepots, or when gathered as a group for discussion). Hand sanitizer will be provided and is to be used before handling any equipment. Due to the pandemic, refreshments will not be provided, but drinking water refills are available through Lyon's Pool.

ACCESSIBILITY NOTES: The Yorklands and Lyon Park are accessible via city bus, car, and bicycle. If you are driving, please park in permitted areas along York Road. The Yorklands has paved pathways as well as gravel pathways throughout. The Two Rivers Community Garden is accessible via paved ramps and pathways. Accessible washrooms are available via Lyon's Pool.

FREE (Space limited!)